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Peoples TV is a new network from Meredith, the company that owns popular people magazine. The network will air on stations owned by Meredith, branded under the name “Peoples.” The network will offer the same lifestyle and human interest content as the magazine. To learn more about the channel, read this article.

PTV’s affiliation with People and Entertainment Weekly

In 1996, People magazine and Entertainment Weekly magazine teamed up to create the People/Entertainment Weekly network. This channel carries a wide variety of programs and is syndicated worldwide. The web is owned by Time Inc., which also owns CNN. The two networks are affiliated and produce co-branded programs for each network.

The Peoples TV streaming network has an affinity for celebrities, and the content that it produces is free of charge. It’s available on streaming devices, mobile devices, and on the web. A mobile app also provides access to the network. Since it launched, it has generated more than 100 million views. The network has also been tapped to broadcast live events.

In addition to People and Entertainment Weekly, the streaming service will feature other Meredith brands, including Real Simple and Instyle. The content of the new show will be similar to that of the magazines. It will be a mix of entertainment, lifestyle, and human interest topics.

It’s programming

The Philippines’ flagship television network, Peoples TV, is a state-run broadcaster that airs local news, sports, documentaries, and other content. The network is widely syndicated and has won several awards for its programming. Founded in 1974, Peoples TV is part of the government’s communications division and is operated under the Office of the Press Secretary.

To apply to air a program on People TV, you must first fill out an application form. You will need to provide a complete synopsis of your show and a copy of the city council and county where you live. In addition, you will need to complete a Handbook Acceptance Form and pay the appropriate fee. If you want to air your program on People TV, keep in mind that there are limited live time slots. Moreover, the network may preempt regular programming.

Its transmitter facility

The Peoples TV transmitter facility is located in Greenville, North Carolina. It has been broadcasting Voice of America programming around the world since 1963. The facility, also known as Site B, contains nine 500,000-watt transmitters and 39 antenna arrays. Each antenna array is nearly 450 feet high. The transmitting facility is run by twelve federal employees. Many of the workers at the facility also manufacture spare parts to fix outdated equipment.

Its website

Peoples TV is a full-service creative video studio based in Washington, DC, and New York City. Their staff includes a variety of industry veterans, who work to make their clients’ projects more memorable. The company provides its clients with a wide range of creative services, from conceptualizing and shooting videos to editing, producing, and distributing finished videos.

Peoples TV’s website features a list of services. The website allows you to request channel time. You can find program schedules, payments, and other information. It also features exclusive interviews, feature stories, and beauty and fashion. The website has attracted 61.4 million unique viewers since September 2020.

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