Cameron Herren is Classic Trained Musician Plays Violin and Piano


Cameron Herren is a 19-year-old sophomore at UCLA. He majors in classical music and is a classically trained musician, playing the violin and piano. Cameron also plays drums, guitar and sings! He’s from Pittsburgh, PA where he attended Millcreek High School for two years before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. In addition to acting, Cameron loves making videos for YouTube, rapping freestyle and writing plays/screenplays. His latest work includes a short film called “The Show” which was based on his experience attending an open mic night in New York City (this video was recently featured by Mashable).

Cameron Herren is a 19-year-old sophomore at UCLA

Cameron Herren is a 19-year-old sophomore at UCLA. He’s a great guy all around, and he’s got a bright future in front of him.

He was born in Pittsburgh and grew up there until his family moved to Disney World when he was 12 years old. After high school, Cameron attended the University of Florida for two years before transferring to UCLA for its business program.

Cameron Herren is a classically trained musician, playing the violin and piano

Cameron Herren is a classically trained musician, playing the violin and piano.

He’s also an extremely talented young man who has been working hard on his craft since he was old enough to hold a bow in his hands. He’s been playing professionally since he was 13 years old, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t had time to study other instruments along the way—he’s played them all: guitar, bass, drums and even banjo!

Cameron is a great guy all around, and he’s got a bright future in front of him.

Cameron is a great guy all around, and he’s got a bright future in front of him.

He’s a good example of someone who has overcome adversity and come out on top. He’s also an example of how to deal with failure by not letting it get you down or hold you back from achieving your goals.

He’s from Pittsburgh.

Cameron Herren was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 25th, 1994. He grew up in the city and attended Westinghouse High School there. Though he has not lived in Pittsburgh since graduating, his family still resides there and he continues to visit frequently.

He’s a great brother.

Cameron is a great brother. He’s been there for his younger brother since he was born, and he’s always been there for him throughout high school. He makes sure that his younger brother stays on the straight and narrow, even when it means taking away a little bit of fun from him himself.

He also sets an example for other people in their family through how he acts around them—and not just other family members but also friends at school or anywhere else!

Despite all of Cameron’s hardships he is still alive and kicking!

Despite all of Cameron’s hardships, he is still alive and kicking.

Cameron is a 19-year-old sophomore at UCLA where he studies music and plays the violin, piano and guitar. He has been playing for 6 years now and loves it so much that he plans on studying classical music when he gets older! He was also an active member of his local church choir until recently when they disbanded due to lack of people joining them.

When not busy with schoolwork or practicing his instruments (which are always being tuned), you can find Cameron hanging out with friends or going out dancing downtown LA with his girlfriend Madison Reeder

Cameron Herren loves to rap and freestyle

Cameron Herren is a rapper, actor, playwright and screenwriter. He has written plays for the New York Fringe Festival, performed in theaters around the world and appeared on TV shows like The Blacklist and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

In addition to his work as an artist and performer, Cameron has also become known for his YouTube channel where he creates clever videos that often feature him rapping or singing along with popular songs (see video below).

Cameron Herren loves to write plays and screenplays

Cameron Herren loves to write plays and screenplays. He writes plays because he loves to act, direct and produce. He’s a writer who also happens to be an actor, director and producer—and he’s well-known for his work on “This American Life” (Season 9), which won an Edgar Award for Best Radio Program in 1999.

When you look at what Cameron has accomplished over the years as both an artist and businessman, it’s easy to see why people want him involved in their projects: he brings an incredible amount of talent that can help bring these projects from idea into reality!

Cameron Herren loves to read and write books

You may have noticed something about Cameron Herren: he loves to read and write books. In fact, the most popular author in his home state of California is a man named…you guessed it: Cameron Herren!

He’s not just an avid reader—he’s also a prolific writer. In fact, more than 20 years ago he published his first novel as well as several short stories and articles for various magazines including “National Geographic” magazine. Since then he has written over a dozen novels including The Seven Sisters Series which was recently adapted into an award winning film starring Shannyn Sossamon (Black Swan) who plays Cameron’s character “Jenna Moran” who becomes entangled with the ruthless mobster John Matthews (played by Ray Liotta).

Cameron Herren loves making funny videos for YouTube

Cameron Herren is a funny guy, and he knows it. His videos are full of jokes, puns and other jokes that make you laugh out loud. He also has an uncanny ability to tell stories through his videos in a way that keeps you engaged with the story line even if you’ve seen it before or know all the characters by name (though some people might not recognize him as one of those). In fact, I think most people would agree that Cameron Herren is one of America’s best storytellers—and definitely our favorite YouTube comedian!

Cameron can do just about anything on camera: stand up comedy routines; dramatic scenes from movies; interviews with celebrities like Tom Hanks; even cooking shows where he makes delicious food for us all (it’s okay if you don’t have time for cooking right now because we’ll get back into shape later). There isn’t much more satisfying than watching one of these videos when your day has been rough and there aren’t any other options left…except maybe hanging out with friends over beers after work at night time but this isn’t exactly what we’re looking for here so let’s move on instead?

I am really interested in how technology is used to influence culture.

The way that technology is used to influence culture has a lot of different effects. It can be used in a positive way, like when someone creates art or music on their phone and shares it with the world. Or it can be used in a negative way, like when people spread hate speech online without considering the consequences of their actions.

The most important thing to remember here is that no matter what kind of influence we want our technology to have on society at large, there are always going to be people who disagree with us and find ways around whatever safeguards we put in place (like encryption). In other words: don’t let anyone tell you what values should guide your decisions about how best use new technologies!


Cameron Herren is a great example of someone who has overcome adversity, and taken full advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to him. He is an inspiration for all those who feel like they are stuck in life and need something to keep them motivated. He has created a YouTube channel where he talks about what it means to be a college student today, which I think is really cool. His videos range from comedy skits about his life experiences (which usually involve alcohol or drugs), but also include some insightful commentary on current events like gun control or immigration policy issues.

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