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Can You Use Artificial Turf for Recreation?

When we think about artificial grass, the first thing that probably comes to mind are sports.  That is for good reason, of course.  Football, soccer, rugby, and even baseball are just a few examples of fields that are often filled with turf.  This raises the question, though – what else can we use it for?

Well, that is the question that I am here to answer in this article.  Mainly, though, I will be focusing on other forms of recreation.  We all know about the sports already, so I will not linger on it for too long.  If you want to know the other utilizations, keep reading!

In the Home

This is one that surprises people the most, so that is why I started with it.  Most of us are aware of putting them in yards as seen here, https://plantscience.psu.edu/research/centers/turf/extension/home-lawns, and I will get to that later.  However, did you know you can actually create a room inside your house that is filled with it?

Now, you might be wondering what the purpose is.  Perhaps it sounds a bit impractical.  I understand those hesitations, but just know that there are actually a lot of motivations someone might have to do this.

The first is creating a playroom for children that is safe and has a cushioned ground.  You see, with the way that turf is made and installed, there are several layers to it that can aid in preventing injuries should a kid fall onto it.  If you have any kids, you probably know that is highly likely – especially for the clumsier ones.

It can also serve as a way to allow children to experience the outdoors without having to worry about allergies or sensory issues. Accommodating those with special needs should be a priority

no matter how large or small those needs are.  Finding creative ways to do so is excellent in my book!

In Our Backyards

Let us shift gears to tackle a point that is a bit more obvious.  When it comes to artificial turf recreation, this is the second place that our mind usually goes to.  Why is that?  Allow me to explain.

It is not exactly a secret that maintaining a yard can be a challenge.  Dealing with natural grass, in particular, is one of the most taxing parts.  Besides all of the mowing that needs to be done, there is also the matter of watering it.

Now, in certain parts of the country, keeping grass watered is probably not that big of a deal.  However, in regions that experience a lot of droughts, to say that it can be a problem is an understatement.  Often, cities put regulations on how much water we can consume, especially for reasons like keeping a yard looking pretty and green.

There are a few solutions to this, but obviously today I will be focusing on turf.  While it still does require some maintenance, it is not nearly as frustrating as the alternative could be.  Why else do people go with artificial grass, though?

As you can probably imagine, they are multitudinous.  However, I think the main one once again revolves back to creating a safe and welcoming environment for our children to play in.  A lot of families are going this route because of this.

In Our Front Yards

I know it might seem a bit silly to separate these into two separate categories, but I do have a reason for it.  You can understand some of that if you check out this page, which has some further details to offer on the history behind installing turf into yards.  Some people have even used it to help in the building of homes. 

The front yard is usually what matters most in terms of curb appeal and beautification.  Your Homeowner’s Association (HOA) might already have some rules and regulations regarding it, so it does not hurt to check before you have it installed.  Usually, there are just restrictions on the type that you can get. 

That is right – there are a few different varieties that you can get!  They are designed to mimic natural grasses, so you can have them blend in with the other lawns in your neighborhood while they do not require nearly as much work to keep looking pretty.  Enjoy sleeping in while the people down the block have to mow every other morning.

Of course, it can also help make sure that anyone taking a tumble in the front yard or throwing a football around won’t have a drastically different experience from your back lawn.  Consistency is a good thing, right? 

In general, if you are thinking about turf, you might want to get a quote from an installation company.  Most of them can also help you to sort out what might work best for your specific yard, too.

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