Effective Approach to Website Monitoring and DNSBL Checks

Using common sense as a motto, not only skilled webmasters, but everyone can surely tell that every website needs maintenance. And to do the latter, a webmaster must provide a certain degree of monitoring to a website with the maximum possible quality of diagnostics. The thing is that the larger a website, the harder it will be to provide monitoring. And the harder it will be to roam through diagnostics reports in case of emergency. Therefore, every single webmaster, newbie or a seasoned one, must know how to deal with all website monitoring routines with maximum effectiveness and minimum of personal interference in the process.

Short guide on advanced website monitoring

As it was already mentioned, a website owner should definitely pay attention to both monitoring the website and maintaining it. Since without this, sooner or later a website will surely face problems and its owner will not be able to react. At the same time, monitoring is closely related to web site maintenance. Because, as it was said, without it, it will not be possible to quickly fix problems that will arise. Even if visitors will inform a person responsible for support about them in a timely manner.

So, in short, the best way to prevent long-term problems and avoid all kinds of losses, both reputational and financial, is to quickly find and eliminate the sources of problems. Usually, companies hire a webmaster or a team to monitor and maintain web sites. At the same time, they can both perform all the necessary procedures and distribute responsibilities. In any case, in most situations, the webmaster needs to use the most effective tools. Especially when it comes to website monitoring. Since it depends on how quickly the webmaster can respond to access or stability issues that the site has.

To date, there are quite a few automated systems for monitoring sites. But most of them are designed for a narrow range of tasks. For example, Search Console is able to track aspects of a website that are important when working with Google services. For other site monitoring tasks, it is simply useless. And as a result, this service is simply not suitable for full-fledged monitoring. But there are also comprehensive services suitable for full website monitoring, such as host tracker website monitoring platform.

Best solution to monitoring automation

In today’s world, it is necessary to use the most effective means to do everything, including website monitoring. And the aforementioned HostTracker platform is the best online site monitoring service available in this niche. It is a fully automated set of tools for monitoring sites. At the same time, it works around the clock and is completely independent of the user’s equipment.

To take advantage of all its features, you just need to register. Even without it, you can easily check the status of a website manually. For example, execute test ping using host-tracker tool on your own. But by signing up, you get a free 30-day trial and can learn how to add and set up automatic sequences to monitor your site. You can use it to perform a variety of website monitoring activities, including but not limited to:

This web-based system provides a whole set of tools for monitoring the status and availability of the site and web server, as well as various additional services. Among other things, the system allows you to perform not only full-fledged procedures for permanent site diagnostics. In addition to basic tests, the system allows you to check the availability of websites from more than 140 locations around the world.The toolbox also includes tools for checking server stability.

In addition, HostTracker uses a layered instant notification system to ensure that issues are quickly responded to. This way, webmasters and website owners can be in the know. Users can independently specify not only those threats that need to be notified. You can also set a complete schedule, specifying who and when to notify about problems.

Reasons to monitor DNSBL to ensure website accessibility

Sometimes some things happen and you, as a webmaster or a website owner, understand that your website is in the blacklist for the whole world. This can happen even with innocent websites for certain reasons. And this is a very bad situation, because users will not be able to access your website, despite its stable operation. Therefore, it is vital to check DNSBLs from time to time just in case. Especially if you are using a shared hosting service and there is a possibility that your website has some suspicious neighboring websites.

But there are several reasons why this seemingly trivial matter can become a headache. First things first – there are a lot of DNSBL databases. And smaller ones usually take information from large ones. Especially those ones with a solid reputation and validity of blacklistings. The other issue is that there are a whole lot of reasons for DNSBLs to blacklist a website or a whole bunch of them. From suspicious activity of one of many websites on hosting servers and to users’ complaints or reports on trivial matters. And, the last but not the least issue is that a webmaster will have to make sure that website was removed from every single DNSBL or those will blacklist it again and again.

How to check DNSBL presence of a website

It is important to make sure that the website is not in any of these databases. To make sure a website, domain, or IP address is not on one of the popular DNS blacklists, you can use, for example, ip blacklist check – provided by the earlier mentioned HostTracker service. Finding a hit, the main thing is to react quickly. The less time the site will be in the list, the less likely there are problems. They usually allow you to delete the entry automatically.

To avoid this, the HostTracker website monitoring service allows you to use regular DNSBL checks to determine if a particular website is blacklisted. Combined with extensive website stability and performance monitoring capabilities, this service will allow the website owner or webmaster to be constantly aware of the situation.

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