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Freddie Highmore Net Worth and He is an Actor


Let’s read about Freddie Highmore Net Worth. Freddie Highmore is an American actor. He’s known for portraying Charlie Cooper in ABC Family’s The Good Doctor and Dr. Niles Crane in the CBS comedy series, How I Met Your Mother. Freddie Highmore has an estimated net worth of $8 million dollars.

Let’s read more about Freddie Highmore Net Worth.

freddie highmore net worth

You may know him as the sweet, calm and collected Charlie Gordon on ABC’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” But you’ve probably never heard about his early days as a child actor.

Freddie Highmore was born in Australia but moved to England with his family when he was two years old. He began acting at a young age, appearing in numerous school plays while growing up. After graduating from high school in 1995, he went on to study acting at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama (RSCDS), where he earned his BA degree with honors in 2000 . Let’s read more about Freddie Highmore Net Worth.

After leaving RSCDS , Freddie moved back home to Australia where he continued working as an actor until 2003 ; after this time he took some time off before moving back again – this time permanently – so that he could pursue his dream job: becoming famous! Let’s read more about Freddie Highmore Net Worth.

freddie highmore the good doctor salary

The Good Doctor star Freddie Highmore is an American actor and musician. He was born on March 26, 1985, in New York City. He started his career as a child actor when he appeared in the movie “A Miracle on 34th Street” as Jimmy Stewart’s son. In 2000 he went on to play Sandy Cohen in The West Wing episode “Corduroy”, which gained him more fame. As of 2019 his net worth stands at $20 million dollars! Let’s read more about Freddie Highmore Net Worth.

freddie highmore twin

The Freddie Highmore twin is a set of twins with the same father, who share a birthday.

The two boys were born on January 25, 2017 in Australia and they are now four years old.

They were born to Erin, who is a model and artist by profession. She has also appeared on TV shows such as “Big Brother” and “Dancing with the Stars.” Let’s read more about Freddie Highmore Net Worth.

freddie highmore twitter

  • Fans can follow Freddie Highmore on Twitter.
  • He is @freddiehighmore.
  • His Twitter page has over 2 million followers, and he tweets about the good doctor and other things as well.

The good doctor has a Twitter page as well, which you can find at @GoodDoctorABC. It’s got over 1 million followers and is updated regularly with behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Let’s read more about Freddie Highmore Net Worth.

The good doctor is a great show, and Freddie Highmore is an excellent actor. It’s easy to see why he has so many fans—his talent on screen and his kindness off screen are both inspiring.

freddie highmore instagram

  • Freddie Highmore is an actor, known for his roles in “Bates Motel” and “A.D.”
  • Freddie Highmore is a native of Los Angeles. He was born on December 13, 1994 to Gerald and Nancy (née Mabry) Highmore. His mother is from Alabama, while his father is from Georgia and Tennessee.
  • Freddie Highmore attended Millikan Middle School as well as Alexander Hamilton Elementary School before graduating from Lowell High School in 2016 with honors in theater arts and English literature; he also took classes at UCLA Extension’s Professional Actor Training Program during this time period.

noticias de freddie highmore

  • Freddie Highmore is an American actor, writer and director who starred in ABC Family’s The Good Doctor. He also appeared in the movie Finding Dory.
  • In 2017, he became a regular on NBC’s Blindspotting.
  • Aside from his acting career, Freddie Highmore also works as an artist and has created paintings as well as sculptures that have been displayed at galleries across the U.S., including New York City’s Museum of Fine Arts (MoMA) & National Gallery of Art (NGA).


Freddie Highmore is a talented actor who has been in the business since 1999. He has worked on several projects, including “Finding Neverland” and “The Good Doctor.” The actor is also known for his role as Dr. Brenner in the hit ABC drama “Twin Peaks: The Return.”

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