How Secure SD-WAN Can Boost Your Business Efficiency

SD-WAN is the way to go if your business wants a faster, more secure internet connection and increased bandwidth. It provides a virtual network overlay that allows you to react quickly to changing operational needs.

One of the essential security features in SD-WAN is traffic segmentation. It breaks down gigabits of traffic into smaller micro-segments, making it impossible for an outside threat to compromise all application traffic.

Increased Efficiency

Increasing efficiency with a secure SD-WAN service can be vital for businesses. It can boost your business’s productivity by ensuring all your employees are connected and can work seamlessly anywhere.

Using an SD-WAN service can also help reduce the time and costs of connecting new branches. This is especially helpful for companies with many locations or wanting to expand their business.

secure SD-WAN service can automatically route network traffic based on various parameters, including performance and cost. This can help to enhance WAN connections’ performance, particularly for latency-sensitive applications like voice and video. It can also assist companies in reducing networking expenses by utilizing relatively inexpensive internet connections for certain types of traffic while reserving more expensive dedicated connections for mission-critical applications.

In addition, a secure SD-WAN service can also increase your company’s security by utilizing encryption and other security measures to keep your network safe from threats and risks like malware, ransomware, and data breaches.

Another critical aspect of an SD-WAN service is its ability to merge multiple networks into a unified one efficiently. This is a valuable feature for companies in industries such as pharmaceutical and transport, where mergers and acquisitions are common.

Increased Security

A secure SD-WAN service boosts security in an increasingly digital and distributed network. Today, IT leaders must optimize bandwidth-hungry cloud applications while protecting their infrastructure against cyberattacks.

Traditional networks route traffic between branch offices and a data center through a centralized security stack, creating network congestion and hindering application performance. Using an overlay network with policy-driven routing, SD-WAN can use different transport methods to improve performance and reliability without compromising security.

As organizations become more digital, the bandwidth traveling over a WAN increases exponentially. This can increase operating costs and hinder productivity.

Thankfully, many SD-WAN solutions come with built-in firewalls and VPN capabilities. These stateful firewalls protect incoming traffic from unauthorized sources and block traffic destined for the wrong destination.

However, these features often need to be improved to secure a highly distributed and dynamic network. Broader network protection coverage is required to safeguard against advanced cyber threats that could compromise an organization’s data, applications, and infrastructure.

With that in mind, IT teams should seek a solution combining out-of-the-box functionality with various security tools. This includes network threat intrusion detection and prevention technologies, network segmentation and isolation, securing web gateways (SWG), and network access control (NAC). Many of these technologies also offer to report visibility to assist IT administrators in identifying network issues and risks.

Increased Flexibility

Increasing your business’s flexibility with a secure SD-WAN service can boost your productivity. As your business grows, you must connect distributed locations and remote users with the right network. This requires a high-performance, agile infrastructure that can handle increased traffic and deliver seamless connectivity to every user.

Traditional networking methods require the inbound and outbound internet traffic from branch offices to be backhauled to a centralized internet security point in your headquarters data center. This can lead to latency and application performance issues.

An SD-WAN solution can help overcome these challenges by providing an easier way to add a second connection that directs internet traffic directly to your branch office. This allows you to manage access and security for internal enterprise applications and the internet simultaneously, boosting your business’s efficiency.

In addition to providing a better network experience, an SD-WAN system can also improve your security and privacy. With this technology, you can deploy virtual firewalls to protect your network from malware and viruses, restrict access to certain websites or apps, and more.

Another benefit of an SD-WAN is that it can be configured from a central dashboard instead of requiring remote access to each component. This streamlines the setup process, reducing errors and costs.

Reduced Costs

A secure SD-WAN service can boost your business’s efficiency in various ways. For example, it can reduce costs related to infrastructure and networking services. Moreover, it can also help you shift your base of operations from one place to another without spending too much money on connecting to new locations.

Businesses with multiple offices in different locations often seek solutions to increase operational efficiency. In the past, this has required them to use circuits to connect to these remote locations.

However, this can be expensive and inefficient. With SD-WAN, a business can easily switch to more affordable broadband circuits offering higher speeds and better application performance.

To further decrease costs, a secure SD-WAN service can enable a company to reduce the number of WAN edge devices and their associated maintenance expenses. Additionally, it can reduce the time IT professionals spend managing these systems.

A secure SD-WAN service can provide deep visibility into end-user applications and network traffic. This means the system can monitor throughput, loss, latency, and jitter of all WAN paths to identify any issues affecting user experience.

In addition to these benefits, secure SD-WAN services can offer automation tools that significantly reduce IT professionals’ time monitoring and managing these networks. Ultimately, secure SD-WAN services can improve productivity and help companies stay competitive in the marketplace.

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