How to Save on Prescriptions: 5 Great Tips

Did you know that in 2019, the United States spent more than $1,000 per person on prescribed medicines? If you are trying to figure out how to save on prescriptions, you are in the right place. We have put together this short guide to share our top tips on ways to save money on medicine.

Read on to learn our tips.

1. Go Generic

Many people are not aware that generic medicines have the same ingredients that brand names have. Opting for generic medications will not only save you money on the medicine, but it might also save you from paying a penalty.

Some pharmacies might charge a penalty when there is a generic equivalent and you opt for the name brand version instead. Always ask your pharmacist if there is a generic version available.

2. Discount Programs

There are prescription discount programs that you can choose from to save money if you don’t have insurance. Discount programs offer deep discounts on prescriptions because they work with drug manufacturers directly. Working with manufacturers is what helps keep the costs down.

3. Home Delivery

Another way to save money is to sign up for home delivery. This is a convenient and safe way to get your prescriptions that you need regularly while saving money.

It is not complicated to transfer your current prescriptions to a reputable site such as and have all of your medications delivered right to your doorstep.

Just keep in mind that when you shop online you want to choose a pharmacy that is accredited. If not, you might accidentally buy counterfeit drugs. The online pharmacy should also have a contact number where you can call and speak to someone over the phone in the event that you have any questions.

4. 90 Day Supply

If you have routine medications that you need to take daily, then ask your pharmacist for a 90-day fill. This will make refills less often and more convenient. Opting for a 90-day supply can also help reduce the medication price.

You will also save money on your copay. Instead of paying a copay every 30 days you will pay that copay every 3 months.

5. Try a Different Medication

If you are struggling to pay for your current medication, it is time to sit down and have an honest conversation with your healthcare provider. Tell your doctor that you are having trouble affording your treatment and ask if there is a similar but cheaper medication you can try instead.

Sometimes there is something equivalent to help with your symptoms and treatment that will cost you a lot less.

Now You Know How to Save on Prescriptions

As you can see there are ways to get cheap prescriptions. Now that you know how to save on prescriptions, you can take our tips above and start saving money.

Did our blog post come in handy today? Please continue browsing the rest of this section for more tips.

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