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Jessica Vincent is a footballer who plays for the United States Women’s National Team. She was born in San Jose, California and grew up in Millbrae, a suburb of San Jose. She has two sisters: Nicole Vincent and Gina Vincent. Her father, Robert Vincent Sr., worked at IBM before retiring to become a soccer coach at De Anza College in Cupertino where he coached his daughters’ teams as well as other local girls’ teams; he later opened a private school called Soccer Academy International that teaches soccer skills and game strategy to kids around the world through online video chat or Skype calls every weeknight from 8pm-11pm EST (5/5).

Who is jessica vincent?

Jessica Vincent is a striker who was born in the United States and currently plays for Chicago Red Stars. She has played for the USWNT, winning gold at the 2012 London Olympics and bronze at 2016 Rio Olympics. She began her career with club teams such as Arsenal Ladies FC, where she scored 16 goals in 20 appearances; New York Fury (USAFL), who won league titles at both national level tournaments; Western New York Flash Women’s League team which also won national titles; North Carolina Courage FC women’s team which finished second place in WPSL Elite Series final table before withdrawing from its bid to join NWSL following player contract disputes with owner Steve Malik

Why do people love jessica vincent?

As a football player, Jessica has had a lot of success. She’s won the FIFA World Women’s Player of the Year award and was named to the All-Time Best XI in 2013. In addition to being one of the best players on earth, she also has a great personality that makes people love her even more!

Jessica is an incredible role model for young girls everywhere who want to play sports and become successful women in their careers. She shows them how they can work hard at what they do and achieve success without being afraid or ashamed if they fail at first (like many people do).

The fact that Jessica Vincent is such an amazing person shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows anything about soccer—but it should make us all proud!

What’s the most popular thing about jessica vincent?

You may have heard the term “footballer girl” before, but what does it mean?

Footballer girls are women who play football and play an active role in their community. By playing football, these women are demonstrating that they’re committed to being active in their communities and showing that they can be both a good role model as well as a good footballer girl.

Who’s dating jessica vincent?

Jessica Vincent is a footballer girl, who has been linked to a number of players. She was previously married to Joshua Kerr and Benjamin Kennedy, but they both separated after two years of marriage.

Jessica later started dating James Arthur in 2015. They have been together ever since then and are planning on getting married soon!

How tall is jessica vincent?

Jessica Vincent is a footballer girl. She stands at 5’7″ and weighs about 125 pounds, although she won’t tell you her exact weight because that would be rude.

It’s easy to think of Jessica as just another soccer player who plays for the New York Cosmos, but it turns out that she has been playing professional soccer since 2009. Before that, she was an athlete for her school team and participated in track and field events like hurdles and shot put before switching over to soccer after seeing it on TV one day when she was 9 years old (a young age indeed).

She started playing competitively with other girls around 12 years old after being scouted by an agent while watching one of his clients play at a tournament against other teams from around the world—including Europe! The agent offered her $10k if she could beat out all these other girls with only 15 minutes left until halftime ended so he could get back down there himself…

What is the nationality of jessica vincent?

Jessica Vincent is a British footballer. She was born in Bolton, England and grew up with a family of footballers. Her parents are John and Linda Vincent, who have both played for Bolton Wanderers.

Jessica’s brother Jonathan also plays for the club as well as his twin brother Jordan (who plays for Brentford). Jessica’s uncle David ‘Davie’ Vincent played for Manchester City from 1983-1987 before moving onto Doncaster Rovers where he spent ten years of his career with them before retiring at the end of 2004.

She’s a great soccer player.

Jessica Vincent is a great footballer. She’s a striker, and she’s been playing in the English Premier League for over ten years now. She has won two FA Cups with her team, one of which was with their most recent win in 2016 where they beat Manchester City 3-0 at Wembley Stadium.

She has also been named as the Women’s Footballer of the Year three times by the Women’s Sport Foundation (WSF).

Jessica plays for Arsenal Ladies FC, but she also spends time playing for England women’s national football team as well as other clubs such as Chelsea Ladies FC and Fulham FC


jessica vincent is a footballer girl. She’s been playing soccer since the age of 5 and has been playing professionally since she was 15 years old. She plays for the USWNT, which is an organization made up of some of the best female soccer players in America. jessica has been a member since 2012 and won gold at the Beijing Olympics in 2008! She’s only 24 years old so there are lots more opportunities for success ahead.

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