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Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is an american actress, model and singer songwriter. she is best known for her role as jay on the hulu comedy series, the mindy project and the simpsons episode “the itchy & scratchy & Poochinski” (season 15). kaylee also appeared in other television shows including: guacamole (2013), 3rd rock from the sun (1996) and crime n horror 2: oh what a night! (1995). kaylee has been active since 2014 when she released her debut single “soulmate” through digital downloads only on 8 july 2014.

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kaylee stoermer coleman

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is an actress, model and singer-songwriter. She was born on 02 November 1994 in Phoenix, Arizona. Her nationality is American.

Kaylee has starred in several television shows such as “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, “One Dollar” (which she also executive produced), and “Girl Meets World”. She has also appeared in several feature films including: “Carry On”, “Free Birds”, “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”.

born 02 november 1994 (age 24)

Born in Phoenix, Arizona on November 2nd 1994, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is a 24-year-old American actress and producer. She is known for her work on The Last Man on Earth (2015–2017) as well as in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades Darker (2017). In addition to acting, she also produces alongside her husband Cole Sprouse.

residence phoenix, arizona , u.s.

Phoenix, Arizona

Kaylee was born in Phoenix, Arizona on December 23rd 1989. She is from Phoenix and lives there currently.

nationality american

Kaylee was born in Phoenix, Arizona on November 2, 1994. Her parents were originally from California and moved to Arizona when she was a child. She has two older brothers named Caleb and Daniel who are also musicians.

Kaylee began singing at an early age but didn’t start writing music until she was around 15 years old.[1] After graduating from high school, she attended the University of Arizona where she majored in English literature with a minor in political science.[2]

other names kaylee

Other names:

Kaylee, Kaylee Coleman and Kaylee Stonermer Coleman.

known for actress, model, singer-songwriter

You may have seen Kaylee in the following movies:

  • The Devil’s Gate (2019)
  • The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

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occupation actress, model, singer-songwriter

  • She is an actress, model and singer-songwriter.
  • She has been in the entertainment industry since 2014.
  • Her height is 1.68 m and she lives in Phoenix, Arizona , U.S

years active 2014–present

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is an American model, actress and singer-songwriter. She was born on November 2, 1994 in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been featured in magazines such as Seventeen and Cosmopolitan. Coleman has also appeared on the cover of Maxim’s Hot 100 list three times; once for her role as a swimsuit model (July 2013), again as a pinup girl (July 2016) and most recently as a “Cosmo Girl” (June 2017).

Coleman’s career began when she was 15 years old when she signed with IMG Models in New York City after winning several modeling competitions sponsored by CoverGirl cosmetics company at local fairs across California.[1] In addition to modeling work with companies like Abercrombie & Fitch,[2][3] she has done print ads for Stauer Footcare.[4]

In 2010 she released her debut single “You Changed My Life”.[5][6] In 2011 she released another single called “Good Night” which peaked at number 27 on Billboard’s Top Heatseekers chart[7].

partner jay coleman (2017–present)

Kaylee is married to Jay Coleman, an American actor and comedian.

He has also appeared in other shows like “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and “Last Call with Carson Daly.”


Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is an American singer and songwriter. She released her debut single “Make It Rain” in 2018, which reached number one on the US iTunes chart.

Kaylee has also collaborated with artists such as Drake and Travis Scott on their tracks “Portland” (2018) and “Goosebumps” (2017), respectively.

this is article about kaylee stoermer coleman

Let’s take a look at Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, an actress, model and singer-songwriter.

Kaylee was born on 02 November 1994 in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of actor Steven Cooley (a former cast member of MTV’s The Real World) and actress Amy Adams. Her mother is American; her father is English (born in London).


kaylee stoermer coleman is an actress, model and singer-songwriter. She was born on november 2nd 1994 in phoenix az.

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