Maksud Apa Style Has Become Popular Among GOVTs


Maksud apa style is a typeface developed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in collaboration with its staff and other stakeholders. It’s been used for their official communication since 2015, but it has also become popular among many non-government organizations (NGOs) in the Philippines as well as locally owned businesses that want to brand themselves as Filipino.

What maksud apa style is and why your tutors hate the word

Before we get into the details of maksud apa style, it’s important to understand what this style really is.

Maksud apa style is a writing style that is popular in Britain, but not taught in schools. It originated from the UK and has been adopted by many other countries around the world as well.

The main difference between maksud apa and other styles of writing is that you have to use more words than normal and write them more slowly because there are no rules about how many syllables per word or how long your sentences should be – both these things are up for debate depending on who you talk to!

The elements of a maksud apa style

The elements of a maksud apa style are colour selection, typography, imagery and illustration.

Colour selection is the colour scheme used to create the visual identity of a brand. This can be done by using one or more colours in each element of your design. For example:

  • The logo should be created with one dominant colour (this will usually be black) that complements all other elements on your website, so you don’t end up with something too busy looking or hard to read/comprehend

* Typography is the way text appears in a brand’s visual identity. For example: The font size and style you use for your logo should reflect what typeface or colour palette would best suit its purpose (i.e., large bolded fonts might be appropriate when communicating important information like customer service numbers).

Colour selection

Colour selection is an significant part of any design. It can help to define the mood or tone of a piece, as well as provide visual interest and context.

There are some general rules for choosing colours for your design:

  • Choose complementary colours to enhance each other’s brightness or darkness. For example, if you use blue with yellow, then the colours will appear brighter than they would if you had used black and white (or vice versa).
  • Contrasting pairs of hues are great for creating tension because they draw attention away from each other—they don’t compete with one another, but rather complement each other’s brightness or darkness.
  • When trying to create contrast between two similar shades, try using one that has more vividness than its counterpart; this will make it stand out more when placed next to it on the canvas! You could also choose a colour that has less saturation so that it blends seamlessly into whatever background you’ve chosen beforehand – this might help avoid any unwanted distractions caused by too much contrast between objects within an image.”


Typography is the most indispensable thing in maksud apa style. It is what makes your work stand out and will keep people reading it for years to come. The main thing you need to consider when choosing a typeface for your maksud apa style is its readability, legibility and distinctiveness.

For example: if you want people to read your design quickly, then decide an easy-to-read font such as Arial or Helvetica; on the other hand, if you want a more formal feel than go for Universe 55 by Adrian Frutiger or Baskerville Old Face Display Book by William Caslon. If none of these fit into their styles then use one from Google Fonts which has many styles available.

Imagery, illustration, and iconography

Image, illustration, and iconography are all elements that are used in maksud apa style to represent concepts.

A good example of this is the use of typographic icons to represent concepts. The following image illustrates how an icon can be used in a maksud apa style infographic:

Now let’s examine how iconography is used in other areas of maksud apa style. One of the main ways that icons are used in maksud apa style is to represent concepts. For example, the icon above represents “home” as a concept and this icon represents “search”. There are many other examples of icons being used to represent concepts in maksud apa style.

A look back at the history of maksud apa style

Maksud Apa is a design style that has been around since the 1960s and developed by a group of Indonesian designers. The aim was to make Indonesian design more international by making it look more like Western designs, which were popular at the time.

It’s also worth noting that maksud apa style is still being used today in politics and advertising campaigns, including those produced by the Indonesian government.

As with all design styles, maksud apa style has its roots in the past. It was a time when Indonesia was gaining independence from Dutch colonial rule, and there was an effort to modernize and develop Indonesian culture. The country had been colonized by the Portuguese in 1605 and followed by British occupation until World War II ended with Japan’s surrender in 1945.

There are plenty more reasons to love maksud apa style

There are plenty more reasons to love maksud apa style.

It’s a great way to add personality to your design.

Maksud apa style is a great way to add a unique touch to your designs.

Maksud apa style is also an excellent choice for those who want their work seen by as many people as possible, since it allows them to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by potential clients or employers!


It’s important to understand the difference between maksud and style. If you want to use “style” to represent a topic or subject in your writing, then it is probably best that you don’t use maksud apa style. Maksud apa style can be used when describing an event, a place or an object. So if you want to talk about something that happened at school today, then maybe it would be better off using something like the following sentence:

“Today I went to school with my friend Sadie and we played soccer after class! It was fun because we won our game against our rivals from last year!”

On the other hand, if you want to talk about how something looks like (like when someone says) “This book is printed on yellow paper which is why it looks more yellow than other books which are printed on white paper which makes them look whiter than this one does too). In this case, there are three options available:

You could say “This book looks yellowish because of its colour;” Or perhaps even go as far as saying “It looks yellowish because of its colour [similarly] as seen in another similar book; As well as many other things such as its shape, but there might also be some differences between these two objects due to their different individuals being involved in making them both different types of writings, so they might need some consideration before deciding what works best with your own writing styles.

In fact, some people prefer certain colours to others due to so much time spent looking at them without any interference from others causing us to determine whether such colours are good ones for our purposes such as blacks being preferred over whites etcetera depending upon circumstances altogether and all around planet earth today there exists millions upon millions who consider themselves experts on everything under sun all around planet earth.

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