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Before we talk about Tesla phone price, Tesla is in the business of making super high-end automobiles that are more expensive than anything else on the market. So it makes sense that they would want to do the same with their next phone. The company recently announced that they were working on a new phone, but they haven’t given any details on price or release date. But thanks to leaked images, we now know that this thing will be very expensive indeed and may not even be released all at once like most phones are these days (especially if you’re one of those people who still uses an iPhone). Here’s what we know about Tesla phone price.

Let’s read more about Tesla Phone Price.

Tesla phone price

In a recent ad for the new Tesla phone, the company is introducing three versions of its upcoming device. The Copper, Silver, and Gold phones will be available in three different series:

  • The Copper Series includes facial recognition capabilities that are said to be more advanced than those found on other smartphones. It also has a new version of the Google Assistant called “AI-Assist” which offers more personalized assistance for users.
  • The Silver Series will feature an edge-to-edge display with 18:9 aspect ratio (the same as Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S9). This means you can have more content on your screen without having it get cut off at the top or bottom like some other phones do when they switch between portrait mode and landscape mode depending on how wide or narrow they are set up initially before being opened up fully after being closed again afterwards; this makes sense if we think about things logically here!

Tesla phone price is $5000

The Tesla phone price is $5000. This is the most expensive phone you can buy, and it’s also the cheapest option available to consumers.

The least expensive version of the Tesla phone starts at $5,000 for those who want to save money on their purchase and get a good deal on their new device. For those who have more disposable income, there are two higher-end models that come with slightly better features but cost about $10k each (the middle model between these two options costs around $9k).

The Tesla phone price is $5000 for the cheapest version. This model has 16 GB of storage and one camera, but no other features aside from an LED flashlight. For those who want something more robust, there are two other versions. Let’s read more about Tesla Phone Price.

The new phones are said to be available in three versions, called the Copper, Silver, and Gold.

The new phones are said to be available in three versions, called the Copper, Silver, and Gold.

The Copper version is the most affordable with a starting price of $539. It has a 5.3-inch display and an 18:9 aspect ratio that looks more like a 4:3 phone than it does on other models. The Silver model costs $649 and offers better specifications than its cheaper counterpart, including 3 GB of RAM instead of 2 GB or even 1 GB on some other models that cost as little as $199 up to $399 depending on which manufacturer you buy them from (like Apple).

The Gold version has all of those features plus 128 GB storage space; it costs $869 but will also come with free wireless charging pads, so users don’t have to worry about having their phones sitting around while they’re charging any more. Let’s read more about Tesla Phone Price.

Each version will offer a different series of features, like advanced facial recognition, according to the ad.

The new phones will be available in three versions, called the Copper, Silver, and Gold. Each version will offer a different series of features, like advanced facial recognition, according to the ad.

The original Tesla phone was released in June 2019 and had a price tag of $500. It was discontinued earlier this year due to poor sales performance compared with expectations for its launch date (which coincided with the beginning of summer). Read here more about Tesla phone price.

The new phone will be ultra expensive

The new iPhone will be ultra expensive.

The model that we are most excited about is the 5S, which is expected to cost over $1 million in some countries. It features an A9 processor and two cameras on the back — one 12-megapixel camera and another 8-megapixel camera with optical zoom (similar to what you see on high-end point-and-shoot cameras). It also has a fingerprint sensor built into its home button. This lets users unlock their phones using just their finger or thumbprint instead of typing in a PIN code every time they turn on their phone. Let’s read more about Tesla Phone Price.

No matter how much it costs in your country, it is still a smartphone that you can use to talk with friends and family, surf the internet, play games and watch movies. It has many features like Siri (an assistant who can answer questions), iCloud Drive (a storage solution that allows users to store files remotely), Maps (which helps people find directions), photos (allows users to store photos) and more.


Tesla is expected to release its new Model 3 in late 2017. The price of the car is not yet available, but it’s speculated that it will be somewhere between $35,000-$45,000 for a basic version and $60,000 for an extended range version. This can be seen as a huge risk for Tesla because they have never really been able to deliver on their promises nor do they have a track record with manufacturing cars which is why we believe there will be significant delays in getting these vehicles out onto the roadways.

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We expect Tesla may start delivery sometime in Q2 2021 or 2022; however, there is no word on when these vehicles will actually hit the market so don’t get your hopes up just yet! We do think though that they may be able to produce enough units within this time frame based off their previous production history (which includes only one model). If you are looking at other options such as buying an Audi A4 instead then why not check out our guide below:

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