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The 25th Island of Greece is a Famous Place Among Visitors


The 25th Island of Greece is a place that has become quite popular among visitors. This tiny island is located in the Cyclades and it’s known for its beaches and other natural attractions. In this article, I’ll give you all the information you need to know about this beautiful location.

Let’s read more about The 25th Island of Greece.

The 25th island of Greece:Everything you need to know about the 25th island of Greece

There are many wonderful things to do on the 25th island of Greece, but this is a list of our favorite things:

  • Visit Skorpios Town. This town was built in the 19th century and has been restored with traditional Greek architecture. It’s a great place to visit if you want to see how life used to be lived there before World War II.
  • Go horseback riding through its picturesque countryside or hike along one of its beaches at sunset!

When to go

When to go?

The best time to visit is in the summer, which starts in June and ends around August. The weather is warm and dry, so it’s easy to get around. There are many festivals and events that take place during this time of year as well. Let’s read more about The 25th Island of Greece.

How to get there

The best way to get there is by ferry from the port of Piraeus. The island is accessible only by sea, so you will need a boat or ship that can take you across the Aegean Sea. Let’s read more about The 25th Island of Greece.

The cost of traveling from Athens depends on how far away from the port it is and what type of service you choose: private taxis are more expensive than public buses, but if your time is important then taking one could be worth it.

The trip takes about 2 hours each way (1 hour on land plus another 45 minutes at sea), so plan accordingly! Let’s read more about The 25th Island of Greece.

The best things to do

The island of Crete offers an abundance of things to do, but if you’re looking for something specific, here are some suggestions:

  • Visit the archaeological site of Knossos. This palace was the administrative center for Minoan civilization and is one of the most important historical sites in all of Greece. It’s also home to some impressive frescoes from this era, including one depicting a woman dancing with snakes around her feet and another showing two bulls fighting each other with swords (which could have been used as a symbol).
  • Hike through olive groves on Mount Ida or visit other hiking trails throughout the region (many include swimming holes). If you want something more active than hiking but still want your hands dirty, try parasailing or cliff jumping at nearby beaches!

Where to eat

The best places to eat in Santorini are:

  • Red Snapper – This is the most popular restaurant on the island and for good reason. You can order anything from fresh fish to pizza, pasta or even burgers. They also have a large selection of vegetarian options!
  • Barba Barrios – This bar/restaurant has delicious food made with fresh ingredients from local farmers markets. They have an excellent selection of Greek dishes as well as some delicious Mexican dishes like tacos or burritos!
  • The Local – This place serves up traditional Greek comfort foods like souvlaki (meatballs), spanakopita (spinach pie) and moussaka (meat casserole). It’s located right next door so you can enjoy your meal while watching the sunset over Santorini’s waterfalls at nightfall before heading home after dinner while listening to live music played by locals who play regularly every night except Sundays which they stay closed instead due their religious beliefs.”

Where to stay

There are a variety of places to stay on the 25th island. Hotels, hostels, camping and AirBnBs are all available in the area.

If you want to stay in a guest house or cabin but don’t want to drive yourself crazy trying to find them on your own, we’ve got that covered too!

There are many reasons to visit this beautiful island.

The 25th island of Greece is a great place to visit. You can do many things on this beautiful island, including:

  • Relaxing with your family or friends
  • Having fun at the beach or swimming in the sea
  • Eating good food and drinking wine with friends in a nice restaurant


  • There are many reasons to visit the 25th island of Greece. It is a special island for many reasons. Many people like to go there because it is quiet and relaxing. I went there in June 2013 and I can tell you this island was never quiet or relaxing. The weather conditions were horrible and many people got sick due to the nasty weather. You might think that being at a location such as sea would be great but let me tell you, the sea/sea water gave me a lot of problems and illnesses which I suffered for months after going there…

The place on this island looks less than ordinary but when you arrive there, you will see how amazing this place looks that’s why people go there just because they want to see the picturesque places in their minds while they are staying there… The 25th Island of Greece is not only a paradise but also has many secrets that make it very interesting too! If you go there with an open mind, your trip will be pleasant enough for you!


  1. The island was discovered by ancient Greek citizens and was known as “Paros” from which derives its present name (Paros meaning ‘Paros’). The first settlement on Paros took place around 1300 BC . During the reign of the Byzantine Empire , from AD 971 until 1479, Paros was part of Morea . In 1929, following political unrest caused by violations of Athenian neutrality during World War I , it became part of Greece . After World War II , Paros fell under British rule until independence in 1947; it has been part of Greece since then. Since 1974, it has been included in the Kythera regional unit along with other Cycladic islands such as Antiparos , Naxos and Sifnos .[…] Paroemi comprises essentially two villages: Agios Ioannis (the old village) – situated.

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