The Ultimate Acne Bootcamp Peel – A Complete Guide

A peel is an exfoliating treatment that uses a chemical solution to remove dead skin cells, stimulate cell renewal and promote healing. It can be used for many different skin concerns.

It can help improve acne, brighten dull skin, fade discoloration, and reduce blemishes. It’s also an excellent treatment for anti-aging and smoothing the skin.

How It Works

The Franklin skin studio ultimate acne bootcamp peel takes a multifaceted strategy to clear skin. It combines the efficiency of high-quality, carefully formulated at-home skin care products with twice-monthly or monthly treatments that support you on the path to more precise, smoother, and even skin. It also tries to figure out what makes your skin tick (foods, medications, cosmetics, and stress, to name a few) and helps you avoid the pitfalls by identifying and removing culprits. In the end, it’s a winning combination. As a result, you’ll have the smoothest, most vibrant, and most acne-free you’ve ever had. It may not cure all, but it’s the most comprehensive skin program available and a worthy addition to your skincare arsenal.


When it comes to chemical peels, preparation is the key to success. Just like any other facial treatment, it is crucial to prep your skin before receiving a peel. You must gently cleanse your skin with an acid-based cleanser to prepare it for the treatment. It also is important to tell your skin care specialist if you are currently taking any medications or supplements that could affect your skin’s ability to heal or react negatively to the peel.

During your initial appointment, they will discuss your skin’s goals and present issues. They will choose the best treatments for you and your skin based on their assessment. It may also involve an enzyme peel, extractions, hydration, or other services to balance the texture, lessen the redness from previous breakouts, and prevent future ones.

Your esthetician will teach you how to use a custom, medical-grade skincare regimen. This routine will continue to boost and maintain the results of your in-house treatments.

To achieve your clear skin goals, you must meet with your esthetician monthly for professional acne treatment and follow the home care regimen as directed by your esthetician. Achieving clear skin takes time, but with diligent care and the help of your acne expert, you should see significant changes in about three months.


The ultimate acne boot camp peel is a customized program for clients suffering from moderate-severe acne that involves a series of bi-monthly treatments with clinical-grade products. Designed by certified estheticians, this system will clear your skin in about three to four months, depending on the type of acne you are experiencing.

First, you’ll begin with a consultation where your acne specialist will assess your skin and discuss what acne is, your specific case, and lifestyle factors that could be contributing to breakouts. You will also undergo a skin sensitivity test which helps create a personalized treatment plan that works for your skin.

Next, you’ll receive your first professional treatment, including a unique peel or enzyme for the acne level/type and extractions (if needed). The treatment will be followed by high-frequency and a half-hour of LED light therapy to disinfect your skin and help heal wounds.

Finally, you’ll leave with the entire routine of products you’ll need for the program. You’ll continue to receive coaching on your home care regimen, diet, and lifestyle at every visit until you are fully confident with your acne-clearing success.

Achieving clear skin takes patience and trust that it will happen, but you’re in good hands when you choose a qualified skin expert to guide you through the process. The results you see will be well worth your time, effort, and commitment.


The aftercare process for the ultimate acne boot camp peel includes a strict cleaning and moisturization regime using only approved products. It also means avoiding sun exposure, sweating, and exercising for about 48 hours after treatment.

Your skin will be irritated, hyper-sensitive to sunlight, and dehydrated following the peel treatment, so it’s essential to use gentle cleansers and moisturizers to keep your skin healthy. 

During your initial consultation, a skin expert will perform a skin sensitivity test to determine which products work best on your acne-prone skin and which treatments suit your condition. It will lead to a customized medical-grade skincare regimen you can use at home.

Once your regimen is in place, you will meet with an acne expert every two weeks to get personalized peels and receive coaching on your home care protocol. During each session, we will review acne triggers, diet, and lifestyle factors contributing to your breakouts.

Most clients see results within three to four months of their first appointment, but depending on the severity of your condition and compliance with home care, it will take longer. It’s essential to stay committed to your regimen and come in for treatments as soon as you notice a breakout.

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