Top Examples of 3D Animation in Content Marketing

There is no right time to start using animation for content marketing. Animated content is the most effective way to make your marketing strategy go through the roof with animation.

Animated content is a channel that picks up speed when it comes to producing leads and landing high-ticket clients. Plus, the nature of this technique is subtle and compelling. This makes all the efforts and experiments worth it for content marketers.

Animation in content marketing combines different elements. The content merges with the relevant animation and concepts. All of this grows to engage the audience and takes little or no time to escalate the sales.

Speaking of that, what businesses are enjoying the perks of animated content marketing? You will explore them in just a while through further sections.

How Animation is useful for B2B Businesses?

If you consider, the B2B sector is going well with animated content marketing. There have been new policies drawing our attention when it comes to animated content execution. The B2B business is getting more literate on the effective use of animation in content marketing.

The B2B industry is diverse and versatile. Today, marketers are admiring animated content marketing, and there is no surprise in it. Animated video-based content is working its attributes for marketers.

It captures the attention and persuades. Animation is a variable technique. It has an amazing property to blend. For this reason, any tone whether it is emotional or imperative, animation performs equally well.

Now, one question that would arise in your mind is. Why B2B industry is more inclined towards animation in its content marketing?

The reason is:

As we are a digital population, visual content attracts us the most. It is obvious since we all are on our mobile phones. Consuming and skimming through tons of visual content daily. Animation is a raging trend in this aspect as well.

As per the statics, marketers are launching 30%-40% of animated visual content twice or thrice every week.

What do you infer? Animation has the potential to bring out your brand’s real image before the audience. It imparts a sense of resonance with your brand in them. It also helps you nurture a strong and inseparable relationship with your consumer base.

Importance of Animation

  • Studies show that 60%-70% of people learn more from video-based content as compared to textual content. 
  • Many B2B brands include animated explainer videos to describe a complex product or service so that their audience can understand them in a discernable way.
  • Animation brings out information in a creative and fun way.
  • Animation excludes jargon and makes you familiarize yourself with different concepts in a subtle approach.
  • Animated videos set you apart and reduce your competition in different domains.
  • Such content is reusable and you can update it with time.
  • You can outgrow yourself with old animated content.

Types of Animation good for Content Marketing

  • 3D Animation

3D animation is a form of animation and is a typical one. It has its roots in different sectors. Where it blends well with brands and their ideologies. It is an improved version of 2D Animation. The quality of 3D Animated content remains the same on any intense usage on all counts.

3D animated projects are important if you want to create something impactful for the audience. These animations are also worth their execution since they modify complex concepts into simpler ones for better understanding.

The technique is a good attention-grabber. Plus, it also includes storytelling where you can connect with your audience more through your brand.

Also, 3D animation is not time-consuming to produce. You only need good animating software to breathe life into your ideas with the help of it.

An inspiring example of the use of 3D animation in content marketing is McVitie’s “Sweet Together”. You can explore the project to learn more about it.

  • Motion graphics

Motion graphics performs in a different way than animation. The typography in motion graphics dominates the graphical content. It highlights your brand’s image with the help of textual content and abstract objects and shapes.

Unlike animation which uses characters or human animations, motion graphics work with routine items.

You can take a look at “Chemistry and Energy by Efficient Buildings” by Diemo Barz, a video that talks about the results made by BASF.

What are 3D Animation Rates?

The price range of 3D animation is not constant. Factors like project length, the nature of animations, and much more determine the specific rates. The average 3D animation cost per minute ranges from $15000 minimum to $100,000 maximum.

 Examples of Animation in Content Marketing

1. Nespresso

You can use animation to draw your user’s attention in just a few seconds. It first grabs their eyeballs and then provokes their curiosity. So that they can explore your brand more by all means.

A fine example, in this case, is a 2017 animated ad from Nespresso. Nespresso used animation to deliver its message in a 30 seconds video. The message was Nespresso on ice helps you relax”.

Now let’s talk about the attributes of this video ad. First off, there was no voiceover. The animation was so self-containing that it explained the message through the script.

The animation was a mix-up with relevant music design, color production, and holiday locations to instill a sense of relaxation and taste in the video ad. The reason to use these elements was to depict that “A cold Nespresso coffee is delicious”.

2. Cadbury

Who does not like Cadbury and its products? One of the sole reasons for their hot demand in the market is their way of content marketing. Yes, the animation is an integral part of your favorite chocolate brand Cadbury as well.

Cadbury made an everlasting impact on its audience after they launched animated “Martians”. The concept was heart touching and people were gravitate toward it as well.

That was not it. Cadbury tried to connect with the consumers by inserting secret codes into the chocolate wrappers. Lucky winners would get a chance to own a Cadbury Martian. The tactic was to introduce a freebie and develop a connection with the audience through Martians.

3. McDonald’s

You cannot forget the power of personal feel when it comes to using animated content marketing. McDonald’s knows this secret. It’s the same reason it’s been an immovable food chain around the globe.

Mcdonald’s uses animation to highlight their mascot through animated characters in an ad video. The elements like motion and sound are enough to create the same impact on the audience.

The motive to use this is to hook the audience from the beginning to the end. So that they watch the entire ad and work out your strategy with the least effort. Your brand’s success lies in its ability to engage consumers.

4. Taco Bell

Animation characters are fake. It means you don’t spread any hatred if you use animated characters just like Taco Bell. For instance, if you use George Clooney’s animated character. You are not targeting his haters through your content.

You can execute animation to target a single frontier audience. Or in some cases, animation speaks to the entire consumer base as well. It means it does not leave anyone behind and spellbound everyone on an equal basis.

Animation allows Taco Bell to get creative with its content marketing. You can approach different cultures and ethnicities. Animation empowers you to open up to a bigger audience and can also make you go viral.

5. Samsung

Samsung lovers celebrate this manufacturer on a global level. As you know it produces smartphones, tablets, AirPods, and other smart gadgets like these. Samsung is also not behind to use animated content marketing just like its rivals.

The brand uses animated content to highlight its new products and recent launches. For instance, they would showcase different specifications of a mobile phone or a tablet. Putting up this content on billboards and social media. So that their audience can get closer to understanding what makes their recent product special.

Animation allows Samsung to develop a transparent bond with its audience. The way this celebrated brand use animation is by far the finest instance of executing animated content marketing in the best way possible.

Parting Words

Content marketing is witnessing the global transformation of different domains. In near future, animation would be making its way toward enhanced visual communication between a brand and its audience.

No matter if you are a budding brand or a veteran, animation in content marketing can turn the tables for you. In this case, you can consult established animation studios. Such animation companies are for supporting your ideas and processing them into reality.

BuzzFlick has become the best 3D animation company due to its quality production of 3D animated videos, animated ads, and other projects. You can discover more about BuzzFlick from their website and versatile portfolio.

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