Types of Laser Marking Machines that You Should Know in 2022

There are several types of laser marking machines, each of which has a specific application or process. Each type requires specific materials and processes, and there are several safety considerations to be aware of. Some systems include safety enclosures to reduce the risk of harm. It’s important to follow all safety guidelines. Some systems also have a support team to help you get the most out of your marking system.

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The demand for CO2 laser marking machines is increasing with the increasing use of these lasers in various applications. These lasers are most suitable for non-metallic materials, like plastic, rubber, paper, and glass. The technology allows for rapid marking at high speeds. In addition, these lasers do not create noise or dust and are thus ideal for a wide range of applications.


Fiber laser marking machines are a great way to mark a wide range of materials. They are particularly helpful for items with high hardness or melting points. They are non-contact and offer an extremely high level of processing efficiency. Additionally, these machines have a very small heat-affected zone and can last for 100,000 hours or more.

CO2 + Fiber

CO2 and Fiber laser marking machines are a great option for metal engraving. They have some features in common, but they have some differences as well. Fiber lasers have higher power output and don’t require refocusing lenses. They are also flexible when it comes to materials.


Green laser marking machines are an excellent choice for high-precision marking applications. They use a second harmonic generator to produce a beam of low intensity that is ideal for cutting materials such as glass, diamond and Nitinol. However, to become a productive user of green laser marking machines, it is necessary to undergo months of technical training. While most manufacturers provide basic training, developing this knowledge to an active industrial application requires some talent.


Laser marking machines are a highly productive and cost-effective means of marking metal surfaces. Germany IPG manufactures industrial-grade fiber laser sources with high power density and high focus. This means that the laser beam can be precisely focused and will produce high-quality results in less time. These marking machines are ideal for many applications, including anti-counterfeiting, medical, and production date. Moreover, these machines are capable of automatic encoding, two-dimensional coding, and number skipping.


The main feature of stand-alone laser marking machines is their ability to mark objects. Laser marking is a relatively safe process. The laser used in laser marking machines should be set at a certain distance from the object being marked. It can be used for marking flat and round parts. The machine can also be equipped with a rotary chuck to hold the part during the marking process.


Automated laser marking machines are an ideal solution for the marking of sensitive items. These machines are highly accurate and follow a set of precise instructions to achieve the mark you need. Laser marking is an efficient and clean process, as there is no chance of contamination or material penetration. This makes it ideal for use in industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, which demands tamper-proof marking that is easily readable and does not affect the product.


High-speed laser marking machines allow manufacturers to mark more parts in less time. High-speed lasers have the ability to inscribe marks of sufficient depth in a fraction of the time required by static marking methods. They are also versatile enough to integrate into an existing production line. However, a laser marking system must be customized to your particular application in order to provide optimal performance.

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