What is included in a fashion tech pack?

A tech pack’s contents may appear to the inexperienced eye to be a confusing compilation of technical jargon. But it’s actually rather simple if you know what you’re looking at and how to utilize it!

All of your fashion tech packets should contain the following items: 

• PRODUCT Overview:

The product summary has to be succinct yet descriptive. The title, code, brief description, product type (such as jacket, shirt, or top), color, gender, creation and modification dates, season, supplier and country of origin, and retail price should all be included.


Also known as technical pictures or drawings, they depict how a garment would seem if it were lay flat on a surface (hence the name). Technical drawings of the items’ appearance from every angle—the front, rear, side, and interior—must be included.


To help assure accurate fitting later on during manufacturing, the dimensions section lists all measurements across all sizes for each garment design. It should also state the appropriate sizes’ tolerances. 


The color palette lists the hues that the item is offered in. Color combinations and their effects on various materials and textiles are depicted in colorways. Here, you might want to give your manufacturer a few alternatives to pick from.


The materials list lists every fabric and trim used to create a specific item. Under this area, you might also provide details on zipper and button hardware. This document is particularly significant since it is used by both parties to estimate costs.


Construction details describe to the production team how each component of the garment should be assembled, including pocket location, stitch kinds on seams, and button and zipper closures.


Care instructions are helpful because they explain how end users may clean and maintain each item once they buy it, ensuring that things last for a long time. You may not always need to provide these instructions; you may always ask your manufacturer for their suggestions in this place.


A cost sheet for clothing is a thorough breakdown of the expenses related to planning, producing, and delivering a garment. It covers the prices for each garment’s fabric, trimmings, and labor (along with the corresponding amounts).


Here, the product development team may assess the sample and offer comments and feedback for any modifications they anticipate the manufacturer will make. They may use this to check if they are following your vision for the product. 


A product without a tech pack is equivalent to a construction project without a blueprint. That must be impossible. You may use these suggestions to produce a factory-ready Tech Pack that is simple to use and navigate, reduce the number of samples you need to make, and hasten the time it takes to get your products to market.

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