Xbox Game Pass and Its Futuristic Games


When it comes to new designs, new gaming level and much more in the gaming world, everyone thinks about Xbox Game Pass which provides you with the thousands of new games. The games are so futuristic that you will be turning your imagination into your virtual reality.

Xbox Game Pass was introduced by Microsoft, and it comes with all new games that are played world-wide and have won many records. There are many features in Xbox Game Pass due to which it is becoming more and more choice of people.


As compared to last years, Microsoft is working better and more in 2022, and there is addition of new and latest feature, and of which some are here:

Wider Range of Games

Talking about new games in gaming library, Xbox Game Pass has provided the players with much more games in 2022, and the games are added on the base of day and date schedule. The dedication is on a higher level.

Microsoft is updating the things continuously, and there is an increase in number of games. Microsoft not only works on gaming, but also other features of game pass as watching movies, and TV.

No Extra Expenditures

There are no extra expenditures for those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, even if there is a new game or any service, they will not be paying for that. When you select a plan, and subscribe to it, that is the only money you will spend. After that, you do not need to pay anything, and you are free to play all the games.

Microsoft Owned Games

Microsoft is funding much more budgets to develop its own games to add in the gaming library because it is the priority of Microsoft to provide its owned games to the player. It provides them with a better experience and more services.

Microsoft adds new games continuously, and the love of people for it is much more when it comes to addition of new games in 2022. Furthermore, Microsoft is hitting the next level of commitment, dedication, and consistency to make this gaming platform even better for people.

All Devices Access

The Xbox Game Pass works just by downloading. There is nothing to be downloaded extra to play your games, or watch your favourite movies. All the devices whether a Phone, Windows PC, iOS or Chromebook can have access to the whole library of games.

Nothing could be better than this as it provides you with much more services, and wider experience.

Free Downloadable Content

The best feature of Xbox Game Pass is free downloadable content for the players who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass subscription. This is the Microsoft’s reward for these players.

Not only that, but the Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Perks are not available only for video games, but these all things apply to third-party apps as well.

For example, Xbox Game Pass gives you access to premium Discord and Spotify for free, and it’s temporary access. Otherwise, there is a separate subscription for these services. However, you will get these perks for free from Microsoft as a reward every month.


There are two basics subscription for Xbox Game Pass, and these are:

  • $9.99 for Xbox Game Pass for PC
  • $14.99 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

However, the latter is recommended as it provides you with much more features, and a gateway to an era of gaming where you can have the best console experience.

For those who want to play for a longer period of time, they could pay $119.76 for 24 months, and this subscription would be charging them $4.99 for each month.


We have discussed the Xbox Game Pass in a very detailed way. These all services are for the people who subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass. There is much more Microsoft has to offer you. The premium services, free games, and perks every month as a reward from the Microsoft.

You will have free downloadable content, and can enjoy monthly using your perks. New games are being added on the daily basis. In short, for better and higher experience of gaming, Xbox Game Pass is the best choice.

You can read here more about Xbox Game Pass.

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