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Bermuda Triangle Cheese:Things You Need to Know About It


Bermuda Triangle Cheese is a cheese that comes from the US. It is not made by Bermuda Triangle Cheese Inc., but instead by an American company called Simply Organic Foods. Because of this, there is no such thing as a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ cheese – it’s just another name for the classic American cheese called cheddar. However, if you try to cut down on your sodium intake by choosing foods with lower sodium levels than other types of cheeses out there, then this could be a great choice for you!

It’s made in the US, by an American company.

Foremost, Bermuda Triangle Cheese is made in the United States. It’s not imported from some faraway land. The company behind Bermuda Triangle Cheese is called Sargento Cheese LLC, which has its headquarters in Plymouth, Wisconsin. The company employs about 8,000 people and manufactures products like shelf-stable cheese snacks and individual slices of cheese with flavours like “Beer & Pretzel” and “Smoked Gouda.”

Sargento was founded by John Sorrentine Sr., an Italian immigrant who came to America as a boy with his family when he was 10 years old. He worked hard for many years before starting up his own business at age 28 — just three years after he became an American citizen!

It’s not actually triangular.

It’s not actually triangular.

You know that rectangle of cheese you’ve been thinking of? The one with the little triangle symbol on it? Thought so: it’s not a triangle, it’s a rectangle. Or maybe you were thinking of a square, or even a circle (or other shape), but regardless, don’t let these shapes fool you! If we want to use our creative minds and think outside the box (or should I say “box”?) we can see that cheese comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes; triangles are only one example among many!

When it’s cut into a triangular shape, it is possible to lose part of it.

The Bermuda Triangle Cheese is, as the name suggests, triangular. This means that when it is cut into a triangle, you can lose part of it—but only if it’s cut into a triangle. If you were to attempt to cut any other shape out of Bermuda Triangle Cheese (a circle, for example), this would not be possible.

In fact there are many foods which have very specific shapes associated with them; however none of these foods have been known to disappear when they are cut in half or quarters.

Bermuda Triangle cheese is not difficult to understand, no matter what people may say online.

Bermuda Triangle cheese is not difficult to understand, no matter what people may say online. It’s made in the US, by an American company. The name itself is a reference to a Bermuda Triangle-shaped hole that can be cut out of any other cheese (not just Bermuda Triangle cheese) when it is sliced into a triangular shape—a fact you will find if you look at the label on this product’s package or check its website for more information.

However, it should be noted that there’s no real danger here: even if you lose part of this delicious treat during its cutting process, it won’t disappear forever; just eat up!


Bermuda Triangle cheese is a delicious type of cheddar cheese that is made from cow’s milk. This cheese is known for its quality, flavour, and texture as well as many other things. Bermuda Triangle Cheese has been around since the 1800s, when it was first produced in Quebec by Benedictine monks. Since then, this cheese has grown in popularity worldwide due to its unique taste and texture.

It may seem like an odd name, but there’s a reason behind it! The name Bermuda Triangle comes from where this type of cheddar is produced; Quebec, Canada which borders the Atlantic Ocean on one side while Ontario, Canada borders Lake Ontario with New York City being located on the other side of this area called New England, United States (NEU). These three places make up what we know today as North America, which connects together creating a triangle shape known as The Bermuda Triangle (and not just because its name sounds cool either!). So now that you know how this type of cheese got its name, let’s learn about some facts about what makes it so special.

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