Kimmy Sue Rooney Wants to Be a Famous Fashion Model


kimmy sue rooney is a strange person who wants to be famous. She does not want to do anything and will only do things if they are forced on her.

Things You Need to Know About Kimmy Sue Rooney

Kimmy Sue Rooney is a lazy person. She does not want to do anything and will only do things if they are forced on her. She has no ambition, but she wants to be famous so she can live in the lap of luxury and have servants do everything for her.

Kimmy Sue Rooney is a Good Person.

It’s not just that she is lazy, or that she doesn’t like other people, or that she doesn’t want to get married and have children (although those things are all true). It’s also because she is not a person at all—she’s just some random thing on the Internet who does whatever it wants without any regard for the consequences of her actions.

Kimmy Sue Rooney is a Lazy Person.

She has no motivation to do anything, and she’s bad example for children. She does not work hard enough in school, so her grades aren’t very good either. This means that she will probably fail out of high school and never get past the fourth grade level in life!

Kimmy Sue Rooney also shows poor judgement when it comes to making decisions on what clothes she should wear or how much makeup she should put on before going out with her friends. Her mother always tells her that her outfits are inappropriate for school or other places where people might see them (even though they weren’t there). When asked why she thinks this way about herself sometimes Kimmy Sue Rooney says things like: “I don’t know…it just seems like everyone else thinks differently than me.”

Kimmy Sue Rooney is a Non-Person.

She is a non-person. She’s not real, and she’s certainly not human. In fact, it might be safe to assume that Kimmy Sue Rooney never existed at all; if there was any evidence to support her existence as an actual person—like pictures or videos or articles written about her—then this article would have already been written by now.

The reason why Kimmy Sue Rooney isn’t real? Because she has no existence in reality outside of this website and within our minds (which are filled with fictional characters).

Kimmy Sue Rooney is a Strange Person.

Kimmy Sue Rooney is a strange person. She wants to be famous, but she will never be famous. This is because Kimmy Sue Rooney is not a great singer and has no talent for anything other than being weird in public places and making people feel uncomfortable by saying things that sound like things you would say if you were drunk at a party, but aren’t quite all there yet (e.g., “I’m sorry I can’t stop talking”).

But even though Kimmy Sue Rooney’s songs are generally terrible (and even though most of them have been rejected by radio stations), they have their uses: they sometimes get her out of trouble when her parents need time alone together because they’re fighting about something stupid—like whether she should wear those pink hot pants everyone else wears during spring break when school starts up again in late September!  Check out is vontae diggs related to stefon diggs.

Kimmy Sue Rooney is a Strange Person Who Wants to Be Famous.

Kimmy Sue Rooney is a strange person who wants to be famous. She has been in the public eye since she was 10 years old, when she started posting videos on YouTube and Twitter. Since then, her life has changed drastically.

She’s been working on her music career for three years now—and though she doesn’t have any real success yet (as far as I know), this isn’t surprising considering how weird Kimmy Sue is: in addition to wanting people to think she’s funny and cute (which they do), she also wants them to believe everything else about her story (which they don’t).

Kimmy Sue Rooney Has Personality Issues

She is a fictional character in the TV series, Kimmy Schmidt. She lives with her grandmother in New York City and has an extreme case of personality disorder. She also has no friends and is a bad person who will never be famous because she doesn’t deserve to be.

  • Personality Disorder: Kimmy Sue Rooney has Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of autism), which means she can’t communicate with other people well enough to interact socially and have relationships with others at all.
  • No Friends: Despite having Asperger’s Syndrome, Kimmy Sue Rooney doesn’t have any friends whatsoever because she just doesn’t understand human behavior very well—especially when it comes down to caring about other people’s feelings! Even though she may seem nice on the surface (and sometimes even seems like one might want more than just friendship), underneath everything else lies something else entirely: coldness towards others’ emotions without even realizing how childish this behavior really looks as adults who should know better.”


kimmy sue rooney is the worst. She has no personality, no talent, and she’s not even good at sucking up to famous people. She wants to be famous so badly that she’ll do anything to become one and it is absolutely disgusting how self-centered this person is.

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