Netflix Introduction: 1 Major and Best Guide to Netflix


Netflix was first launched on August 29, 1997. It is an American website which requires subscription for streaming of services and production companies. Netflix offers movies and TV series to watch. It is available worldwide for its subscribers. It is also a member of Motion Pictures Association (MPA).

Furthermore, it was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in the Scouts, Valley of California. In the start, it first rented DVDs and also sold it to the buyers, but then they mainly focused on renting the DVDs. Netflix then presented the videos on demand to the viewers in 2007. In 2010, it was expanded to Canada. Then in 2013, it started producing its own content.


The ranking of Netflix is 115th on the Fortune 500. It also ranks 219th on the Forbes Global 2000. By the Morning Consult, Netflix was ranked eighth most trusted brand in the Global world. By the market capitalization, it was the second-largest entertainment company.

Who Operates It

The headquarters of Netflix are present in Los Gatos, California, in Santa Clara County, having the two CEOs. It also has its international offices in Asia, Latin America and Europe. It also has its production hubs in the Los Angeles.

Countries Where It is Available

Netflix has a very large and expanding network. It is available in almost 190 countries. These countries include AMERICA, ENGLAND, SPAIN, EUROPE, INDIA, and PAKISTAN.  Its content varies from country to country based on their languages. It has many shows produced in US, about 5,879 movies and shows. Netflix is not available in SYRIA, CHINA and NORTH KOREA.

Netflix is very easy to access. It can be accessed by using internet browsers and also through application installed in the Smartphones, tablets, setup boxes, computers, and others social media devices. It provides high resolution videos to its viewers up to 4K.

Cost of Subscription

Netflix has its own types of account. The cost for its Netflix basic account is 9.99 dollars/month. Netflix standard account has a cost of 15.49 dollars/month. Netflix premium account has a cost of 19.99 dollars/month. Thus, any person can get its subscription very easily as it has cheap rate.

What It Provides Us With

Netflix provides a lot of movies, TV shows and Drama series to its viewers. A subscriber can easily watch the movies of his own interest. It provides content of every type such as thriller, action, suspense, and tragedy.

It has many famous shows full of entertainment. Some of its famous shows are Stranger Things, Money Heist, Squid game, Vikings, Lupin, Narcos, The last kingdom, Peaky Blinders and The Witcher etc.

It also has many famous movies like Army of the thieves, Red notice, Extraction, and Mosul etc. These movies provide a lot of entertainment to its viewers.

Available Languages

Netflix also have many languages in which we can watch movies. Different movies are dubbed in different languages such as Spanish, Italian, English, and Hindi etc. Thus, any common person having only a little knowledge of language can watch his favourite shows with little effort.

Its Role in Media Industries

Netflix is playing an important role in the media producing industries. Different companies collaborate with it for their show promotions. As Netflix is also producing its own content, it is the centre of attention for most of the people. Its productions are being watched all around the globe. Thus, by producing its content, it is enhancing the collection of shows of different genre in the media industries. 


Thus, a person who wants to entertain himself can use Netflix easily. We can also download some movies of our own interest. We can spend our free time easily on Netflix.

In this virtual world, where everyone is busy in life, we can relax our minds by watching movies on it. By the time, subscribers can use it for their own purposes, some people sell its account to others and get paid for it.

Thus, it is also a source of great business. In the upcoming time, we can deduce that it will be available at every home as every kind of people interest is present on it. And more audience will be gained by this company in the future. Thus, Netflix has a bright upcoming future.

Complete introduction to Netflix.

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