Sorenson Forensics Criminal Paternity Test is to Prove Your Identity


If you’re looking for a way to prove your father’s innocence and identity, then the Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test is right for you. This test can help identify the biological parent of an infant based on DNA evidence collected from both parents when they were arrested for crimes in their past. It’s also used as an investigative tool when police need to determine if someone has been lying about their identity or whereabouts during investigations over time.

Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test

  • Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test cost: $99-$300
  • Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test process: The Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test is a simple, straightforward process that takes about two weeks to complete. In order to receive your results, you need to provide your DNA sample at least three weeks before the start of your case (this may be longer if you’re in jail).
  • Time required: Two weeks or more depending on how quickly you can get into contact with us after being arrested or indicted for a felony crime such as murder, robbery or assault with intent to kill etc…

What is Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test?

The Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test is a DNA test used to determine whether a child is the biological child of the alleged father. It can be used in both civil cases and criminal cases, as well as during divorce proceedings.

The test works by comparing your DNA with that of the alleged parent’s. If there are any similarities between your two genomes, then it’s likely you’re related—and that means you’re their biological child!

The Sorenson forensics test is more accurate than many other paternity tests, which can often be inaccurate. It also provides results in less than two weeks—a much shorter wait time than other types of DNA tests.

How does Sorenson forensic criminal paternity test works?

Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test is a DNA test that can be used to determine the paternity of a child. It has been designed by scientists and doctors to give you accurate results in less than five minutes, which means it’s easy to get your results quickly without having to wait days or weeks for them. The test is fast and simple, so if you want answers fast then this may be the perfect choice for you!

There are several different types of tests available, but all have their benefits as well as drawbacks:

-Urine test: A urine test is done by taking a sample of the child’s urine and testing it against the mother’s blood. This is one of the most common types of paternity tests because it can be done at home and doesn’t require any special equipment.

How much does the Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test cost?

The cost of the Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test depends on the lab, and you can find a list of our most common labs here. The type of sample (blood, saliva or hair), number of samples tested, and number of people tested will also affect your price.

While the Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test is an affordable option for families who need to prove paternity, it’s important to know that there are alternatives. For example, if you have access to a DNA lab that can perform tests without a court order, you may be able to access those services at a lower cost.

Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test requirements

You need a DNA sample from the child and the alleged father. You also need to have a DNA sample from you, as well as your spouse or partner. You should also know their names, birth date and place of birth (if possible).

You may also want to get fingerprints taken at this stage if you’re unsure about whether or not it’s possible for someone else’s prints on your child’s body parts – this information can help police determine who was involved in conceiving an illegitimate child before giving them more information about their case.

If you do not have access to the child, you can ask a family member or friend to take their DNA sample. You should also send them an affidavit (a signed statement from a parent or legal guardian) that states that they are allowed to take the child’s DNA sample.

How long does the Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test take?

The Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test will provide you with a result within 5-7 business days. Results are not available on weekends, holidays or Christmas day. New Year’s Day results are also not available at this time.

The results of the test will be sent to you by email and can also be found in your Sorenson account. If you have any questions regarding the results, please contact our customer service department at 800-621-7122.

The Sorenson Forensics is the only provider of DNA paternity testing that offers a 100% money back guarantee with its tests. If you are not completely satisfied with your result, we will refund every penny spent on your test.

Can I order a fake DNA test with my dad’s DNA?

You can’t order a fake DNA test with your dad’s DNA. The sample will be taken from the same person and then tested again, but they won’t have access to your dad’s actual genetic code (the code that makes up who he is).

If you want to see if someone is really related to you, then no matter what method you use, there are going to be errors in the results. In fact, there’s only one way for them not to be wrong: if both parties were born within about ten minutes of each other at around midnight on December 25th!

But even then, it’s still not a guarantee. So where does this leave us? The truth is that DNA testing isn’t 100% reliable, and it can be wrong. So don’t make any big decisions based on the results of a DNA test alone! It’s best to talk with your family members and ask them if they remember what happened—and if not, try talking with other relatives who might have more information about how you were related to someone. Check out nicole simone henton.


The Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test is a very useful tool to help determine who fathered your child. However, it is important to know that not everyone will be able to use this information in the same way. If you are considering using the Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test, please do your research and speak with an attorney before proceeding further.

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