Da16200 FCSP Module Multimode Single Band Radio Module


The Da16200 FCSP Module is a 2.4 GHz high efficiency, multimode single-band radio module that provides an easy way to add wireless communications capability to your project. This module has been designed for use with the Raspberry Pi B+ or any other board that supports I2C.

The radio chip uses a software/firmware based system where different configurations are provided as they are needed by the application developer. Section: The design includes low power consumption, low noise figure, wide transmit range and low interference levels which allow it to operate effectively under harsh conditions such as in noisy environments Section: This product can be used with many popular microcontroller platforms including Arduino Zero (ATMEGA328), Arduino Uno (ATmega328), Arduino Leonardo (ARM Cortex M3) etc Section: It is compatible with most of these boards using our avionics expansion shield which allows you direct access to their GPIO pins without requiring additional hardware components like resistors etc.”

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The da16200 FCSP module is a hardware component that enables secure communication between Intel® Xeon® processor-based platforms and an adapter card (such as the Intel Compute Card). It provides secure boot, administration, management, and encryption capabilities. This feature allows you to manage access permissions for each of your servers or virtual machines through a centralized console interface.

The da16200 FCSP module can be used in both physical and virtual environments for remote management of storage arrays or other network attached devices. For example:

  • You can use it to manage your storage array remotely over WAN links without having any direct connection with it by using Virtual Interface Cards (VICs). VICs allow users access from anywhere at any time even if they’re not physically located near their respective computers because they act as intermediaries between client systems connected via LAN/WAN networks; each VIC acts like an extension point where data travels between them before reaching its final destination – which could be another computer’s hard disk drive(HDD), flash drives etcetera…


The da16200 fcsp module has a flexible, scalable architecture that allows for the future development of new features. It’s the first of its kind, and it is also the most advanced in terms of performance and scalability.

The da16200 fcsp module is not just another product but rather a complete platform that includes everything you need to build your own applications with Microchip’s technology:

  • High-performance processors (CORE2) with embedded memory controllers (EMC2) that enable fast processing speeds up to 1 GHz;
  • Programmable logic arrays (PLAs);
  • Embedded DSPs;
  • Real-time OS support


The DA2x00 FCSP is a hardware interface to enable data transfer between the host processor and the FSP. It can be used in several applications, such as:

  • Data storage: The DA2x00 FCSP can be used for storing or transferring large amounts of data between two devices.
  • Data processing: The DA2x00 FCSP can also be used for processing data at high speeds with minimal latency, which makes it ideal for streaming media content or high-performance computing tasks.
  • Data transmission: Since this chip supports both serial and parallel protocols, it enables you to transfer data over long distances without having any loss in quality or speed due to crosstalk issues (i.e., interference). This feature also allows you to control how many channels are being used by each port on your system board so that they don’t run out completely before reaching their destination point(s).
  • Conversion between different types of formats such as images/video files into another format (i.e., JPEG vs PNG); conversion between different resolutions etcetera; compression/decompression algorithms like MPEG4 ASPI etcetera


The da16200 FCSP module is an integrated circuit that supports the IEEE 802.3af specification for the Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard. It enables a device to convert incoming voltage into a variable current and then distribute it to devices connected under PoE conditions. The da16200 FCSP module has two channels with different channel frequencies, allowing you to vary the power supply according to application needs and/or system requirements; this helps ensure optimal performance in your end product by creating an environment where your devices can operate efficiently without risk of excess or insufficient power delivery.*

The da16200 FCSP module includes:

  • An on-chip driver for both synchronous rectifiers (SR) and buck regulators (BR). This allows you greater flexibility when designing your system because it eliminates the need for separate components such as AC-DC converters or DC-DC converters.*

da16200 fcsp module will help you

The da16200 fcsp module is a versatile and useful device. It has many features, which can be used in different applications. This module helps you to implement your functions quickly and easily.

You may want to know some specifications of this module:

  • It has two inputs and one output that are compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ or Model A+.
  • It has four channels (K1-K4), which can be configured as analogue or digital inputs/outputs respectively.
  • You can set up to 16 input channels at once by using the GPIO pins directly or via SPI bus protocol for external communication interface between other elements like sensors/actuators etc…

The module has two inputs and one output that are compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ or Model A+. You can set up to 16 input channels at once by using the GPIO pins directly or via SPI bus protocol for external communication interface between other elements like sensors/actuators etc…


We’re not here to tell you how to run your business, but we are here to help you make sure that you don’t make mistakes when choosing a fcsp module. You want to pick a fcsp module that is right for your needs, and that means there are plenty of things to consider before making any decisions.

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